Totally Business offers a range of services to help small business owners reduce stress, meet financial obligations, organise and grow their business.



Do you love doing your BAS statements every 3 months? Is balancing your books the favourite part of running your business?

If the answer is a resounding NO, then we want to help you!

Business Analysis

Struggling to make ends meat? Feel like you are working day in and day out and not sure where your business is going? Let us analise your business and help you get on track

Financial Reporting

Struggling to understand your accountant finacial reports? Let us show you what they mean and how useful they can be to running your business


We understand that business owners have one of two main challenges when it comes to marketing, either they don’t have time to market their business or they don’t know how. That’s where we can show you how easy it can be!

Business Organisation


Are you running your business effectively?


Most business have some organisation but alot just run by themselves without too much organisation. Put practices in place to organise your workflow/employees/bookwork and watch your stress levels decline and your business grow!


Websites & Online Presence

The need for small businesses to have an online presence is becoming increasingly important. Business success can be hard to achieve in today’s marketplace. With the growth of mobile and tablet devices it is essential that businesses are taking advantage of what technology has to offer.